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DrainFlow Sticks: Pack of Drain Cleaning Sticks

DrainFlow Sticks: Pack of Drain Cleaning Sticks

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Product Description: Bio-Flow Drain Strips

 Powerful Cleaning: Bid farewell to foul-smelling drains with Bio-Flow Drain Strips, expertly crafted for thorough cleaning and deodorizing of household drain lines.

 Organic Matter Solution: Leave generic drain cleaners behind! These strips excel at breaking down organic matter, employing slow-dissolving bacteria and enzymes upon contact.

 Ideal for Various Substances: Tailored for grease, oil, fats, scum, and food residues, ensuring effortless and rapid drain cleaning.

 No More Gunk: Say goodbye to stubborn gunk clinging to your drain! Bio-Flow's enzymes swiftly dissolve organic build-up, restoring clarity to your drain in minutes.

 Cleaner Sticks: Combat entrenched organic materials with Bio-Flow's cleaner sticks, preventing food particles and grease from adhering to your drain like Velcro.

Safe on All Pipes: Trust Bio-Flow Drain Strips to be gentle on all pipes and septic systems, including old and PVC pipes.

 Monthly Maintenance: Incorporate Bio-Flow into your monthly drain cleaning regimen. Simply drop one strip into the drain for ongoing cleaning and freshening.

 Versatile Use: Suitable for kitchen and bathroom drains, ensuring a fragrant and clog-free plumbing system.

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